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You may be familiar with the concept of Return on Investment (ROI). While that is an important piece of the puzzle, at Wellstone, we do not feel it goes far enough in considering the individual needs and wishes of our clients' lives. That is why we also take a Return on Life (ROL) approach that provides a deeper, more personalized look at where you want to be in terms of:

  • Well-Being: Leisure, health, and relationships
  • Progress: Work, residence, achievement, and learning
  • Freedom: Purpose, autonomy, and security

We know that wealth means something a little different to everyone, so our team works with you to understand your unique goals and expectations. 

Together, we help you develop a tailored, comprehensive wealth plan built to help you achieve your desired lifestyle and legacy goals.

Step 1: Free

We start by getting to know each other and learning more about what matters most to you.

  • Can we add value?
  • Are we a good fit?
  • Would we create a strong partnership?

Step 2: Goal Identification

Next we formalize our engagement and build your personalized profile.

  • Understanding your lifestyle and legacy goals
  • Identifying and defining your personal objectives
  • Setting the foundation for your plan

Step 3: Plan Development

With your goals and our guidance, we create your personalized financial roadmap.

  • Creating your Life-Centered Financial Plan together
  • Aligning your roadmap with your goals
  • Building the timeline for implementation

Step 4: Plan Implementation

Once developed, we help you put your customized plan into action.

  • Recommending your personalized investment strategy
  • Putting your plan into action

Step 5: Bigger
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During this step, we work closely with a team of professionals to help ensure your complete financial house is in order.

  • Providing estate planning services
  • Reviewing your tax plans
  • Establishing your risk management strategies

Step 6: Ongoing

This is just the beginning. Once your plan is in motion, we help you stay the course. 

  • Monitoring your plan and results to help keep you on course
  • Providing proactive, transparent client service
  • Working together to continuously review your plan